I Can't Stop Laughing At All These People Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Complete And Total Oblivion This Year

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1.On Morbius:

person gets owned for saying. they like morbius

2.On nature:

person gets called a tick for saying they love being outside

3.On fact checking:

someone roasted for getting mad theiir posts aare all getting fact checked and someone saays try posting the truth

4.On expenses:

someone says being a girl is expensive and someone argues itis not and and they laay out how much many things cost

5.On shoes:

someone who says i hope your wife gives birth to a centipede so you spend the rest of your days buying shoes for it

6.On desert islands:

someone says if i was on a desert islaand with you and a tin of beef id eat you and talk to the beef

7.On toothpaste:

someone says you look like a doctor who doesn't reccommend toothpaste because you are a 1/10

8.On competence:

a person gets roasted for saying someone is bad at a job

9.On Saw:

someone sexting in a strange way and someone responds you sext like jigsaw

10.On Scrabble:

someone being told to eat a scrabble board and shiit out the letters becaause that will make more sense than what they are saying

11.On dragons:

person who says dragons aren't cool and someone says i will kick your ass so hard your vertebrae will pop out like a pez dispenser:

12.On cursive:

someone says if we force people to write in curisvee we could cripple a generation and someone responds i love how you talk shitt like it's not your fault

13.On printing:

someone gets roasted for comparring sex to printing

Although, let's be honest: printing needs to be free.


14.On hard work:

Person standing in a kitchen who says they bought their first home at age 18 is told to get out of Home Depot

15.On pigs:

person saying a pig's orgasm lasts 30 min and someone responds your wife is a lucky lady

16.On kangaroos:

person bringing up the bible and getting owned

17.On utensils:

persons girlfriend eats with their hands so someone responds do they walk in a cricle before sitting down

18.On the miracle of life:

someone says humans start as buttholes and never stop being one

19.On houses:

Person who just says people should just wait until houses are less expensive to buy one

20.On bans:

Person hoping for a marriage equality ban, and someone tells them "Even if you ban homosexuality, nobody is marrying you"

21.On deodorant:

Person tweets that it is deodorant season, so wear it, and someone says they're fairly sure every season is deodorant season

22.On the South:

Person who thinks the South didn't lose, it was invaded

23.On linking:

someone gets called a juiced orange

24.On soups:

person who lies and gets called a dense cabbage
Google Reviews

25.On diamonds:

Person says a ring has never been worn but posts a photo of someone clearly wearing it

26.On board games:

A very badly misspelled post asking if anyone has any "bord games tgat they are no longer using," and someone says "I doubt scrabble is any use to you?"

27.On clowns:

person getting called a clown

28.On testing:

person who thinks a pregnancy test is a covid test

29.On bedposts:

someone who says i hope your bed posts are never the same length so you can't get a horizontal sleep

30.On mirrors:

text reading the worst part about kissing a perfect 10 is how cold the mirrrorr feels on my lips and someone responds on reflection that's 01

31.On parents:

person who asks for a favor from someone's parents and asks to have a handsome baby and the other person asks why and they say so i can avoid what they did

32.On grandmas:

someone who says i don't understand how i get taller and more handsome whenever i see my grandma and someone responds she shrinks and her eyes get worse

33.On surgery:

person getting called a toilet

34.On brains:

text reading if i put your brain in a bird it would fly backwards