32 Painfully Awkward Interactions From This Year That'll Give You Second-, Third-, And Fourth-Hand Embarrassment

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1.The test convo:

tweet reading "congratulated someone on a positive COVID test photo"

2.The meow convo:

person who is meowing on Zoom and doesn't realize their mic is on

3.The pee convo:

tweet of someone saying "who's my litttle pee pee boy" to a cat while on Zoom

4.The sanitizer convo:

story of someone squirting hand sanitizer and saying "you're squirting over your pretty feet"

5.The classroom convo:

awkward moment of someone who is accidentally in gender studies class instead of math

6.The baby convo:

person on Zoom thinks someone is talking to their dog but they are talking to a child

7.The CVS convo:

awkward interaction at the CVS photo booth

8.The investor convo:

someone who doesn't realize their mic is on and calls someone else a nerd

9.The snipped convo:

person accidentally says "snipped in the butt" instead of "nipped in the bud"

10.The court convo:

person calling a judge "your majesty"
vidawggg / TikTok

11.The chicken convo:

person thinks they are taking a free sample but are just taking someone's meal

12.The medium meal convo:

person saying meep meep" instead of "medium meal"
palayeiscool / TikTok

13.The old friend convo:

person who yelled "hello old friend" to what they thought was an empty restroom

14.The sheriff convo:

a police officer comes to a house and says "I haven't been here in years" and won't say why

15.The lizard convo:

Someone says hi to a lizard in the shower but someone in the neighboring shower answers

16.The stall convo:

person in a toilet stall saying "come back with a warrant"
zootedcaaterpillarcrotch / TikTok

17.The taste convo:

person asking "how does everybody taste" by mistake
rikariko12 / TikTok

18.The chase convo:

person thinks they are being chased and it turns out they just stole a cart

19.The stomach convo:

person saying "mmm" instead of asking how food is
geepeachy / TikTok

20.The waiter convo:

tweet reading, "A water once told me a nice wine 'pairs' well with a certain food. I took a sip and said to the waiter, 'Wow you can really taste the pears.' My date literally facepalmed"

21.The cashier convo:

person saying "have grass" instead of "have a great day"
jamieprivaloff / TikTok

22.The scrumptious convo:

awkward convo of someone who thinks they are talking to their cat

23.The scale convo:

person using an animal scale by mistake
rebeccalynndezarn / TikTok

24.The door convo:

person saying "you're a problem" instead of "not a problem"
theeallie / TikTok

25.The quiche convo:

Tumblr story about someone thinking quiche is pronounced "quicky "and them asking their GF for a quicky

26.The pleasure convo:

person saying "I pleasure myself" instead of "the pleasure was all mine"
dmbrooks / TikTok

27.The pregnancy convo:

person saying in class that the only way to not get pregnant is anal

28.The "be right back" convo:

person saying, "I won't be back" instead of "I'll be right back"
bridgetnjw / TikTok

29.The elevator convo:

tweet reading, "The elevator doors opened up and a guy walked in the elevator. It was just me and him in there and he said, 'I love you.' And I’m not rude so I said, “I love you too." He gave me a weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth."

30.The pregnant convo:

pregnant person responding to someone asking "what are you having" with "chicken"
thekittenfits / TikTok

31.The potato convo:

person getting asked for extra mashed potatoes and not knowing how to extra mash them
miss_caterina11 / TikTok

32.And the reputation convo:

girl tries to embarrass someone by saying this boy likes you and it turns out they are dating