I Can't Stop Laughing At These Grandparents Who Roasted People Into Complete And Total Oblivion

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1.When grandma made clear their priorities in life:

person posting a wordle score and someone saying go have sex with your wife

2.When Sandra wanted to be deleted ASAP:

person demanding to be removed frrom a bird watching group

3.When this person made this sad fact known:

person commenting on a chocolate bar adds that because of the almonds they caant eat it

4.When this person made their preferences VERY CLEAR:

person saying they never rate things high because they hate the color yellow

5.When Jack bared his soul:

person saying they hate mazda miatas and drive motorcycles

6.When grandpa took zero crap:

person responding angrily to a normal question on amazon

7.When this person shared their favorite local cuisine:

person saying their favorite local food is hornet

8.When grandma harnessed her knowledge of literature into every old person's favorite burn:

grandma saying grandkid with ripped jeans looks like huck fin

9.When this person told the truth. The honest truth:

news person asking if anyone heard a train in richmond and someone replies i don't live in richmond

10.When this person put the entire discount industry on blast:

person complainiing about not getting a senior discount without context

11.When grandpa shared a touching photograph:

grandpa sharing a picturer of brisket in a group chat

12.When Jim had absolutely no filter whatsoever:

comment reading all of my grandchildren are dead and someone named jim says enjoy the free time

13.When grandpa didn't tiptoe around the issue:

someone asking to be removed from a group and getting directions how to and then they say don't waste my time

14.When this person cut straight to the point:

person commenting on a photo of a grave are you going to share her potato salad recipe

15.When Nanny made clear what should and should not be chugged:

someone saying they are going to chug margaritas and nanny says chug milk instead

16.When Beth had it up to HERE with these carrots:

person named beth commenting on a post abbout carrots that they have unfriended them
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17.When grandma said you better watch it:

meme of a microwave that says ding ding enjoy your bowl of cold ass food and grandma said i am goign to slap your mouth
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18.When John told it like it was:

someone rersponding WHO CARES all caps to someone

19.When Linda got straight to the point:

a person named linda commenting i'm waiting for the rapturre on an unrelated post

20.When Maurice made his final offer:

person saying good morning is this still available and the other person says yes it is are you interested and they say no

21.When the news of Bradley broke:

person saying one other person reminds them of their son bradley and they say thats nice and they respond it's not a compliment he went to prison

22.When a goose was involved:

old person saying they will punch a goose in its stupid head

23.When grandma kept on screamin':

someone typing in all caps and another person says stop using caps and they say i have typed in caps for 40 years
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24.When Janice chimed in on the cat pictures:

cat pictures with the comment i wish they were dogs
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25.When dad showed true gratitude:

dad replying K to a daughter wishing him happy bday

26.When grandma dropped the gauntlet:

person writing on facebook maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken maybe it's starting over and creating something better and they respond that's why you have a younger sister
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27.When this person shared the awful truth:

person commenting on a picture of bocce ball that theye have never played

28.When Sue snapped:

person typing in all caps and getting yelled at for it and they say what would actually be rude is calling you a bitch
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29.When grandpa had a sleeping suggestion:

person asking for cures for insomnia and someone responds pray pray the devil will put you to sleep
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30.When grandpa shocked the world with a Facebook post:

post reading i don't like garbanzo beans

31.When this person asked the tough questions:

person replying how to sign up for some lasagna on a post

32.When this person demanded a retunt:

person saying retunt instead of return

33.When Tom shared a blessing:

person saying what a great day 65 love it thank you jesus and another person says happy birthday and they say that is the temperature
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34.When grandma laid down the law:

text reading name something that pisses you the fuck off and someone responds people like you that can't express themselves without bad language
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35.When grandpa was brutally honest:

meme saying how old will you be in 2050 and someone responds i will be dead
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36.When this person just wanted to Walmart:

person using walmart as a verb

37.When Kenny did exactly what was asked:

person asking for numbers and someone named kenny just sends their name

38.When Ruth made some things clear:

someone named ruth saying i have not cooked a meal in seven years and i do not intend to start now

39.When grandma said "not today":

person hitting on another person on facebook and they say get a life

40.When this person laid down the recliner hammer:

person commenting on a picture of red chairs do not recliners

41.When this person cut straight to the chase:

person responding no ma'am to a food quesettion

42.And finally, when Debbie took no prisoners:

person named debbie commenting on a picture of a water gallon challenge i'll keep drinking alrite fill that with pinot grigio instead fuck your sober water challenge bullshit