The Canon EOS 6D Mark II – my favorite DSLR – has finally been discontinued

 Canon EOS 6D Mark II.
Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

I've just learned that the Canon EOS 6D Mark II has been discontinued. It's still being sold while stocks last, but it's no longer being manufactured – though its spirit lives on in its 6-series successors, the Canon EOS R6 and R6 Mark II.

DSLRs have been being discontinued for years, of course, but this one hits me harder than most, because the 6D Mark II was my favorite DSLR ever made.

There were better DSLRs, of course, arguably including the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – which was the contemporary sibling at the time. However, when it came to put down cold hard cash, the 6D II was the camera I chose – it may not have been the "better camera", but it was the better camera for me.

It was 2018 and I'd just been offered a job on one of DCW's sister print publications, PhotoPlus – The Canon Magazine. While I'd been a Canon user for years (my first ever camera was the Canon AE-1) I had been shooting professionally with Olympus kit. So, when I got the PhotoPlus job, I rewarded myself by buying a full-frame Canon camera.

Coming back to DSLRs from the mirrorless world was a strange move, but the 6D Mark II was ahead of its time for a mirrored camera in that it was basically a hybrid camera before the term was widely used.

It was small for a full-frame camera, and hit the resolution sweet spot that made it great for everyday workhorse photography and crisp, versatile video footage. No, it didn't shoot 4K, but in 2018 I didn't need 4K – though I did need the fully articulating screen, which is something the 5D lacked and that I wasn't willing to compromise on for stills or video.

While the 26MP resolution was quite conservative, even back then, the resolution was less important to me than the full-frame sensor that would unlock dreamy depth of field and that "cinematic look" that everyone loves so much. It also opened up the rich EF ecosystem of lenses to complement my stash of Canon FD lenses. Again, the 6D Mark II being a hybrid camera made it a gateway drug to the world of EF cine lenses, too

That camera saw me through a lot of professional jobs, magazine spreads and personal projects as well. I ultimately sold it to fund cameras like the Canon EOS R5, but it was a significant part of my photographic journey.

So, raise a glass with me to the brilliant 6D Mark II – and keep an eye out for Canon EOS 6D Mark II deals, because this is still a fantastic camera with a lot to offer, and there are going to be some irresistible offers as retailers clear their inventory.

Photographer James Artaius using his Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Photographer James Artaius using his Canon EOS 6D Mark II

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