Canon’s New Camera is Rumored to be Extra Budget-Friendly

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If the rumors are true, it appears Canon is in the works of producing a $799 full-frame RF mount camera. All the recent speculation is built off a July post by Canon Rumors that says a “pretty solid source with a decent track record” claims Canon is releasing the budget-friendly camera in 2022.

Full-frame cameras come built with a large sensor that allows for better image quality and more flexibility when it comes to depth of field. The big sensor typically equates to an equally impressive price tag, so Canon releasing a more budget-friendly full-frame camera would be a big breakthrough.

As is the case with all rumors, nothing is certain until Canon provides official confirmation. But if these rumors prove accurate, this camera’s more affordable price tag will significantly lower the barrier of entry for beginners trying to break into photography without spending over $1,000 out the gate.

While we are hoping more insider information will arise in the next few months, in the meantime we can make some assumptions about what to expect based on popular rumors.

Compromises for the Low Price

It’s no secret that $799 is a shockingly low price for a full-frame mount camera, so we speculate Canon will likely sacrifice some features to bring down the price. This new camera appears to be a possible successor to the Canon EOS RP full-frame digital camera, which has already sacrificed in-body image stabilization as a result of its low price tag. The lack of IBIS helps lower the camera’s price tag by thousands in comparison to some of its counterparts, such as the Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera which runs for over $3,000.

The EOS RP is also equipped with a modified version of the sensor used in the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, so it’s likely that a new budget full-frame camera will consist of some repackaged parts and a lack of features such as weatherproofing and caps. Despite these compromises, the mysteriously low-priced camera could offer an affordable alternative to its higher priced counterparts if it turns out to be real.

Redefining Budget-Friendly Cameras

A big downside to full-frame cameras is their high price tags, so an EOS RP successor with a price tag under $1,000 is certainly something to keep an eye out for.

It’s incredibly rare for a full-frame camera to run for under $1,000 — the EOS RP is the only one that meets the mark, and at $999 it barely makes the cut. Further, its initial price was $1,299, so we’ve yet to see a full-frame camera released with a price tag under $1,000 — if this one is real, it would completely change the current pricing structure for high-quality cameras.

Other full-frame cameras on the market typically run for around $3,000, such as the Canon EOS R5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera. These high prices have historically made it difficult for newcomers to secure high-quality cameras and compete with the professionals, so lower prices on the horizon could make the market more competitive.

A full-frame camera released for under $800 would be a game-changer — and if it were to follow the same discount pattern as the EOS RP, we can only imagine how low the price could dip during peak sale periods.

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Possibly Contradictory Rumors

Another post by Canon Rumors claims an anonymous source revealed Canon may be releasing EOS R-series cameras with smaller APS-C sensors — if true, it would call into question whether Canon would also invest its money into a budget-friendly full-frame mirrorless model.

As the information about a possible EOS R series was deemed by Canon Rumors to be “plausible, but from an unconfirmed source,” it seems the rumors about a full-frame RF mount camera are coming from a more reliable source. At the end of the day, all of this is still speculation, but it could lead to some exciting new changes that could rock the camera market.

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