Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for January

Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for Januarymargie rischiotto - Hearst Owned

Add These Dates to Your GCal:

  • January 3: Venus enters Aquarius

  • January 6: Full Moon in Cancer

  • January 12: Mars ends its retrograde in Gemini

  • January 18: Mercury ends its retrograde in Capricorn

  • January 20: Sun enters Aquarius

  • January 21: New Moon in Aquarius

  • January 27: Venus enters Pisces

Your loved ones are really on your mind, Cancer, as Capricorn season activates the sector of your chart that relates to your closest ties and partnerships. You may be spending more time with a partner, or nurturing some promising business connections or friendships. The month starts off with Mercury in Capricorn joining with Uranus in Taurus: This ushers in positive news from some of your connections. Share your plans, hopes, and dreams with your network now–they may be able to offer you support in a surprising way. When Venus enters Aquarius on January 3, you’re craving more depth in your relationships. This is a powerful time to embrace your vulnerability and share some of your desires. Unexpected gifts or a financial blessing may also arrive!

The Full Moon in Cancer lights up the sky on January 6, illuminating your sign and the importance (and necessity) of tending to your own wellbeing. This could mark a major change in your life. Maybe that personal ambition or lingering hope for the future is finally happening. Celebrate yourself and whatever milestone this moment aligns with–you worked hard AF for it. Now's also a great time to release old versions of yourself and shed your cosmic skin. You can begin again whenever you choose–you’re being called to step into a deeper sense of authentic self-expression. The Sun and Mercury meet at the same exact point in the sky on January 7, bringing a climax to your personal Mercury retrograde story. Ideas and conversations that take place today can feel like a total turning point. Stay tuned for any especially important conversations in your relationships, or with a business partner.

You can officially unclench your jaw and let out a big sigh–Mars retrograde ends on January 12! Since October 30, have you noticed more repressed anger and frustration boiling over and manifesting as unexpected outbursts? Relief is on its way, thankfully. If you’ve been dealing with conflict, you may finally feel ready to express your side of the story, or set some necessary boundaries. Hang in there; you'll have a better understanding about where this is all drama is coming from soon enough. Venus in Aquarius collides with Uranus in Taurus on January 15, and unexpected support, be it financial or emotional, may crop up. Wanna ditch your routine and socialize with friends? Go for it. Or, perhaps yoiu'll decide to make an investment in a big dream for the future.

When Sun and Pluto share a seat in the sky on January 18, the shadow sides in your relationship come up for review. Expect empowering yet raw conversations with a lover; or, you could be exposed to manipulation or unfair power dynamics in your partnerships. This energy can be profound and intense–take note of what you feel in your body if confrontations do arise. Some good news arrives on the same day, as Mercury ends its retrograde in Capricorn! If you’ve been hearing from exes or dealing with challenging conversations with your partner, peace returns. (Phew.) You’ll feel equipped with newfound wisdom of some sort as you move forward together. Having struggles with business delays? Don't sweat it: the momentum picks up again soon with fresh contracts and projects.

As the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, you’re in a more reflective mood. The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21 marks a fresh chapter for your finances. That might mean discussing shared resources with a partner, or working on your taxes. There's also a fresh start going down around your healing, so this is a great time to turn inward and truly release the past. Venus enters Pisces on January 27, and you’re ready for a trip! On the love front, you want to spend more time trying new things and soaking up all life has to offer. You may also start studying, reading, or learning about a topic of interest. Your mind is more curious than normal, so tend to it! The Sun in Aquarius meets with Mars in Gemini at the end of the month come2 January 30, signaling ample self-introspection. As you release part of your past, you also gain some meaningful wisdom from it, and you’re ready to apply this moving forward in 2023.

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