Canadian TV host Jess Smith responds to comment about her 'silly' natural hair

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On Monday, Jess Smith opened up about representation in the workplace. (Photo via Instagram/thejesssmith)
On Monday, Jess Smith opened up about representation in the workplace. (Photo via Instagram/thejesssmith)

Jess Smith is reminding followers that "representation matters."

On Monday, the CTV Weather forecaster took to Twitter to pen an empowering and candid message about her heritage and appearance.

In the tweet, Smith posted a set of photos — the first a selfie of her natural hair with a section pulled into a high top-knot, and a screenshot of the comment she received which read: "Your hair with the ball on the top of your head looks so silly."

"Got this comment during the show today. Black hair is beautiful/professional. My hair is beautiful/professional. I didn’t/won’t engage this person. Just because something is different, doesn’t make it 'silly.' I share to help educate," Smith wrote.

Fans quickly came to the reporter's side and expressed how much they loved her look.

"Love this, love you and your beautiful hair!" wrote a follower.

"Jess your hair is absolutely wonderful and you look stunning each and every day. Good for you taking the high road and not engaging that person," added another.

"Their comment is 'so silly'...You keep doing you Jessica and your hair is stunning!" a fan told Smith.

"Curly/natural/textured hair is, and will always be, professional. The end," said another.

On Sunday, the TV host took to Instagram to pair another uplifting message with a stunning photo of herself posing in front of the green screen.

"Representation matters...'Because you need to see a physical manifestation of your dream. There is something about seeing someone who looks like you, that makes it more tangible' — Viola Davis," she began in the caption.

Smith also described a sweet and inspiring encounter she had with a fan.

"I got the sweetest message on social media after filling in on "CTV Your Morning" yesterday from a mother and daughter in Toronto. Feeling seen, feeling represented, feeling proud of the skin your in…it is huge," she continued. "Whatever this young queen wants to become, I know she will be GREAT! Blessed beyond measure to be a small part of helping her feel represented. Their messages made my day."

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