Canadian pilot sends a message with his flight path

Pilot draws raised fist with flight path to support Black Lives Matter

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    TikTok user jeffhobgood2011 was driving around Alaska when he spotted something suspicious:.a human hand sticking out of a trunk.When he got to a stoplight, he decided to use the zoom feature on his camera to do some detective work.What jeffhobgood2011 discovered was that instead of using rope or a tie-down strap to keep their overfilled trunk closed.they decided to have a passenger sit in the trunk and make sure it stayed shut.Somehow, many people weren’t surprised to see this happening, seeing as they’ve actually done this themselves.“I can’t help but laugh because I’ve done this before!” one person said.“I’ve done this with a kayak hanging out!” another user added.However, other users were concerned for the safety of the passenger hanging out of the trunk.“That doesn’t look safe,” one user commented

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