Canada Goose's Stylish Spring Collection Is Made to Last

canada goose spring collection review
We Tested Canada Goose's Spring CollectionCanada Goose

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THESE DAYS, it feels like we've all been dressing for unpredictable weather. We throw on parkas well into April, keep swimsuits on hand past October, and (of course) we're constantly layering undershirts, sweaters, and puffer jackets depending on the week's forecast. These endless in-between seasons has shifted how our style team tests clothes. We want menswear essentials that are easy to throw on and off, are made from technical fabrics that can handle the elements, and, most importantly, look incredibly stylish. Enter Canada Goose, the de rigueur outerwear brand for leading men with great taste (see: Pedro Pascal, Daniel Craig, and Tom Hardy). I spent a week in Azores, Portugal test driving its Spring Collection of moisture-wicking, head-turning jackets, boots, and vests, and can safely say it hits at how guys should be dressing now. Here's why.

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It Can Handle the Elements

Our testing HQ in São Miguel Island was 1) a paradise 2) a perfect place to really put the goose's spring line to the test. Why? The island is part of the Azores, a cluster of impressively lush archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that's chockfull of waterfalls, forests, volcanoes, beaches. That lush landscape also means an incredibly wet, temperate climate, where you can experience a torrential downpour, a hot sunny afternoon, and a cool damp evening in 24 hours (think: it's like Seattle weather on speed).

And surprisingly, Canada Goose's collection held up in every climate. I received a handful of pieces to try out—the Seawolf Rain Jacket, Huron Sweatsuit, Crofton Vest, and the Toronto Boot—and each one served as a key layering piece for every condition. During a cold morning tour of the Caldeiras das Furnas, a moon-rock-like park of volcanic hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and thermal springs, the Crofton Vest kept my body temperature regulated between the chill and the boiling-hot steam, thanks to the puffer's lightweight down fill that traps just enough body warmth without overheating (and is easy to throw off once temps get really high).

canada goose spring collection
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When trekking through Furnas lake on a rainy afternoon, the Toronto Boot's beastly construction of elastic cords, rubber bumpers, insulated midsoles, and grippy outsoles kept our dogs warm, dry, and grounded. Just like the puffer vest, I loved how it kept me warm without sweating up a storm, and my feet were blister-free even after a day's worth of hiking.

But the hero piece from the collection has to be the Seawolf Rain Jacket, which has a three-layer, waterproof fabric that's really purpose built for the elements. I stood at the summit of the island's second-tallest volcano during an hour-long storm, and the Seawolf was my seemingly impenetrable layer, protecting me from harsh winds and rain, so I could take in the view, snap a bunch of fit pics, and return to our RV without getting drenched. Though one note, you'll need to layer this over a fleece coat or puffer jacket in colder temps, otherwise you'll end up like me, freezing my tail off during a colder-than-usual morning (an outdoor rookie mistake).

It Looks Amazing

The beauty of Canada Goose's collection is that it looks as great as it functions. I've worked the Crofton Vest into my winter office uniform, and its puffy-but-lean build makes it a sleek statement piece that's nabbed a few compliments from colleagues. Ditto with the Seawolf, which I think of as a sporty trench coat, and has a bunch of clean lines and a modern construction that plays nice with most business casual outfits.

canada goose spring collection
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And lest we forget the Huron sweats, which are made with 100% cotton, and ribbed cuffs and hems for extra heat trapping (and style points). They're basically a luxe take on loungewear, and they're stylish enough to wear at the airport, your weekend errands, and everywhere in between (I can't say the same for a lot of sweatsuits we've tried). In other words, you don't have to be a grizzly outdoorsman to get the most mileage out of this collection. They look and work as great on the trails as they do in the city.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, Canada Goose is expensive compared to other outdoor menswear brands. But we'd argue that you're not just paying for the goose's high-tech outdoor specs or clout-worthy logo, but you're also buying pieces that are made to last. We've tested plenty of its classic parkas, and all of them have held up even after years of use. And in a time where we're dressing for constant in-between climates, Canada Goose's spring collection is a line you'll turn to well beyond this season, rain or shine.

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