Camper trailers designed to go anywhere

Turtleback Trailers create camper trailers designed and built for outdoor enthusiast who want to venture off the beaten path. The compact trailers are off-road capable with various configurations that include sink, stove, off-roading tires, external shower, and more. Learn more at

Transcript: Extreme off-roading camper trailers. Turtleback Trailers creates trailers equipped with everything you need for outdoor adventuring. The 2 models currently offered are the Expedition and Gateway. Each Turtleback trailer comes with a sink and stove. The flagship expedition has over 55 cubic feet of storage space. It comes equipped with off-roading tires, an external shower, an 11lb propane tank, and more. Available as options are a solar power system, tents, refrigeration, and much more. The Expedition starts at $26,995 and its younger sibling, the Gateway starts at $16,995. Learn more at

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