Beauty influencer reveals ‘secret tool’ for reducing morning puffiness

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If you're into beauty and fashion, chances are you've heard of Camila Coelho, the YouTube sensation, beauty influencer, and entrepreneur with more than 9 million followers on Instagram. After years of being at the top of her game in the beauty industry, Coelho has converted her passion for beauty into her own luxury brand Elaluz. While it hasn’t been easy, Coelho was determined to build a clean, sustainable brand that included her must-have products, which she felt were missing in the beauty market. “Creating a product that you love, and you use every day is a huge challenge,” Coelho tells Yahoo Life.

Coelho herself is no stranger to challenges. She shares that her beauty and skin care routine have helped her find her own light through her journey of living with epilepsy and the struggles that come with the disorder. For her product line, Coelho focused on having plant extracts and Brazilian superfoods as the star ingredients, which are packaged in recyclable and reusable materials. She stands behind her brand, telling Yahoo Life, ”The reason I’m proud of Elaluz is because I am obsessed with the products.”

The beauty influencer stresses the importance of clean products in her skin care routine, saying, "If you don’t take care of your skin, your makeup is just not going to look as good. So, number one is to use the right products for you.”

Here, Coelho walks us through her morning skin care routine — which she sometimes starts the night before by using Elaluz Overnight Facial Glow, a tanning cream that leaves you with a sun-kissed glow by morning.

Camila shares her morning skincare routine
Camila Coelho shares her clean morning skin care routine using Elaluz. (Photo: Camila Coelho via Elaluz)

Coelho begins with Elaluz All Day Beauty Water, a light, refreshing mist that she uses to ”tone and prep my skin and pores for all the product I’m going to put in." Next, because “we want to hydrate the skin before anything else,” Coelho applies Vichy Mineral 89 Serum. This formula supplies ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid while being “super lightweight, especially for warm days.”

For extra hydration, Coelho adds Elaluz Beauty Oil — a lightweight, plant-based oil that “gives you that beautiful, natural glow,” she says. Coelho blends the product across her face and under the eyes to plump fine lines to ensure ”they don’t show up on top of your makeup or throughout the day,” she says.

To help her look well-rested, the Brazilian beauty gently applies Elaluz 24K Eye Treatment with her ring finger under both eyes to de-puff and brighten the area. The eye treatment contains "little 24 karat gold particles,” which acts as an antioxidant, and reduces inflammation while increasing elasticity. Then, with a lot of hydration, Camila likes to let the product really get deep into the skin before moving us to the next steps.

Coelho is no stranger to beauty tools. In fact, one, in particular, is her ”secret tool” — the Sonic T-bar Facial Massager. Best used on moisturized skin, the tool delivers a gentle lymphatic massage to reduce puffiness and smooth skin. “It’s just to activate your lymph nodes, which are on the corners of your eyes and under your chin,” she says.

To protect her skin from the sun, Coelho applies SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50. The ultra-sheer, mineral sunscreen uses plankton extract to help naturally defend the skin from UV rays and heat-induced stress. Coelho loves this particular SPF because of its “very lightweight, ultra-fine texture.”

If she has some extra time, Coelho likes to use a lip mask. Her favorite: KNC Beauty All-Natural Infused Lip Mask, which she says is great for plumping up lips and giving a silky-smooth effect. ”I love this mask because it has collagen in it, and the more, the better!” she says. Coelho lets the mask do its work for about 5-10 minutes before removing it.

Last but not least, she finishes off her morning skin care routine with some lip balm — namely, KNC Beauty Supra Balm, which she says leaves her lips feeling baby soft.

Video produced by Nurys Castillo.

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