Camila Cabello Shows Off Her Post-Workout Glow In A New Instagram Selfie

Photo credit: Jason Koerner - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jason Koerner - Getty Images
  • Camila Cabello, 24, just showed off her post-workout glow in a brand new selfie on Instagram.

  • The actress and singer posted a no-makeup snap right after sweating it out with her trainer, and her skin looks super dewy.

  • Camila says daily exfoliation and DIY face masks are her skincare go-tos.

The way Camila Cabello's trainer hypes up her selfies is unmatched. The Cinderella star, 24, just posted a brand new pic on Instagram—and her trainer, Jenna Willis, took a moment to appreciate how glowy she looks, sans makeup.

Camila took a pause during her workout with Willis to snap the photo, and her skin looks so dewy. "Sweatin it," Camila captioned her post, and Willis backed her up in the comments. "WHILE SWEATING," the celeb trainer wrote, then added, "Orrr not sweatin it 🥰."

Honestly, I'm not sure how Camila does it. But either way, this selfie is major:

Luckily, Camila's been super open about spilling her skincare secrets. For one, she's a big believer in staying hydrated. "Skincare is the biggest thing for me and drinking a lot of water really makes a big difference to my skin," she told Harper's Bazaar.

And, she says beauty is more of a mindset for her than it is a routine. "My personal beauty philosophy is that I think it comes from the inside out," the "Don't Go Yet" singer said. "It's not just how you decorate your face, your hair and your appearance, but also what you're consuming, what you're eating, what you're thinking and what you're putting into your spirit, your body and mind."

As far as products go, Camila's fresh face looks so radiant thanks to her love of exfoliation. "Every day I exfoliate," she told British Vogue. "There’s a lot of make-up, sweat and dirt on my skin and just from being in a lot of different places—a lot of different airports—you have to really deeply clean your skin."

She's also a fan of masks. "I think it's important once a week to take a little bath and put on a sheet mask and read a book," she told Harper's Bazaar. "It's just very easy and your skin thanks you for it."

And, she still gets plenty of beauty advice from her mom. "My mum and I do this thing where you get the white of an egg yolk and you put it on your face," she said, per Glamour UK. "And it makes your pores smaller."

At the end of a long day, it's pretty simple, the Romance artist says: "Just take care of your skin and drink a lot of water, and always wash your face before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are."

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