Cameron Diaz, 48, talks getting married, having a baby later in life: 'You really have to work hard for it'

Cameron Diaz opened up about life as a parent out of the spotlight.

In the latest episode of Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series No Filter with Naomi Campbell, the 48-year-old actress talked about becoming a wife and mother in her 40s and entering into a more private life. Diaz, who is married to rocker Benji Madden, welcomed daughter Raddox in December and says she is loving life, saying she’s hit her “sweet spot” — even after all that she has accomplished throughout her lengthy career.

“Even with all the amazing experiences I’ve had in traveling, accomplishments of working hard, putting things into the world that I’m proud of...I know this is the most gratifying moment in life to be in this place...when you’re my age and when you decide to [have a baby] it’s a real choice, something that you really have to work hard for it,” she explained.

‘I feel like a lot of people do it the other way around,” Diaz said. “They do it first, they have a family, they get married, they have a family in their youth. I’m kind of doing it in the second half of my life, which is, the only pressure I have on me now is that I have to live to be 107.”

Diaz noted that there are also benefits to getting married later in life.

“Marriage is also another thing ‘cause when you’re young, you become one another, you know, you melt into one another, but when you’re older and you start a marriage, you’re really aware of what it takes to become partners with one another because you’ve been individuals for so long,” she explained.

Diaz hasn’t filmed a movie since 2014, but she did recently recently reunited with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. Throughout this time, she’s been the subject to rumors that she’s retired from acting; she decided to clarify that though she may not be in front of a camera any time soon, she would not be ruling out returning to acting in the future.

“It’s been seven or six years since I made a film,” she admitted. “Girl, I am OK with that. Like there is no part of me that is like, I gotta get up, I gotta get in front of the camera…And that’s not to say that I won’t someday, but I’m really resolved at where I’m at right now... I’m never saying never to anything.”

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