‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Details on the Plot, Cast & Newly Announced Release Date

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Listen up, partner, because we have some major details to share about Yellowstone season five, including the cast, release date and potential theories.

In case you missed it, the second half of the show's fifth and final season was set to premiere this summer, and Paramount Network then pushed that back to November 2023. However, due to the actors' strike, the writers' strike and filming delays, fans won’t revisit the Dutton ranch until the newly announced release date of…November 2024.

But in more exciting news, the first half of season five, which premiered November 13, 2022, is now available to stream on Peacock. Plus, Yellowstone made its broadcast debut on CBS on September 17. In honor of the final season, the network has been airing previously released episodes each Sunday, beginning with season one, so fans can bide their time by revisiting old episodes and, even better, reading the wildest fan theories for part two and the upcoming sequel.

TBH, we have so many questions about John Dutton's (Kevin Costner) fate and the bitter feud between Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley). But it looks like we’ll have to wait a while before we get any spoilers. So for now, we need to know: What is the plot for Yellowstone season five? Who is in the cast? And more importantly, is it true that Costner will not return?

Here’s everything we know about Yellowstone season five so far.

1. When Will New Episodes of Yellowstone Season Five Premiere?

Originally, the remaining six episodes were supposed to air in summer 2023, but then they were pushed back to November 2023 due to scheduling conflicts with Kevin Costner. The season will now premier in November 2024. Additionally, Variety reported that two new spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, are in the works.

While addressing early rumors of the show ending, Deadline reported, "The crux of the issue with the original Yellowstone series involves star Kevin Costner and disagreements over shooting schedules. Sources tell Deadline that Costner, who had originally limited himself to 65 days of shooting on Yellowstone, only wanted to shoot for 50 days for the first part of the current season. But for the second batch of episodes of the current, fifth season of Yellowstone, the actor...only wanted to spend a week shooting."

Costner's attorney, Marty Singer, has since denied these claims, telling Puck News,“It’s ridiculous—and anyone suggesting it shouldn’t be believed for one second. As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success."

We may not know the exact details surrounding Costner's schedule conflicts, but we do know that the writers' and the SAG-AFTRA strikes didn't necessarily help matters. During an interview with People in July, Luke Grimes confirmed that it led to production delays. He said, "We have not [started filming the second half of season five] because of the writers strike. I think we would be if it weren't for that. But that takes precedence over everything. They got to get that all sorted, and then we'll be getting after it."

Fast-forward to November 2023, and Paramount Network confirmed that part two of Yellowstone season five will premiere in November 2024.

2. How Many Episodes Are Left in Yellowstone Season Five?

Courtesy of Paramount Network

Initially, the plan was to have a total of 14 episodes in Yellowstone season five, making it the longest season of the series. The first part, which aired from November to January, consisted of eight episodes, and it’s been reported that six more episodes will air to conclude the series. But while speaking with Hollywood Reporter in June 2023, Sheridan hinted that he may stretch that number from six to ten, making it a total of 18.

He said, "If I think it takes ten episodes to wrap it up, they’ll give me ten. It’ll be as long as it needs to be."

3. What Will the Second Half of Yellowstone Season Five Be About?

Courtesy of Paramount Network

The second half of Yellowstone season five will pick up right where the midseason finale concluded. Quick refresher—and spoiler alert: John Dutton (Costner) was named the new governor, but he could get impeached. Meanwhile, the Dutton family was feuding internally while facing a deadly livestock bacteria spreading across the state, threatening their livelihood.

In a previous interview, Cole Hauser (who plays Rip) revealed that the fifth season will be worth the wait—and so far he’s been right.

“Season five is going to be wonderful,” he shared at the time. “The way we ended season four—I can’t give too much away, but the way season four ends, I think the audience...will be happily surprised.”

In September 2022, Hauser also opened up to Entertainment Weekly about Rip and Beth's future. He said, "What I like about what [Taylor Sheridan] wrote is that he slow burns this year with me and Beth. In the beginning, there's some wonderful moments between the two of us, some stuff that she's going through in her past, that she's having to acknowledge for the first time, and me trying to help her through that."

He added, "The war feels internal this year for her. [She's] haunted by the past, afraid for the future and fighting with all she has for the present moment."

As for Kayce's vision, Luke Grimes told EW, "In true Kayce fashion, there's no relief from the sort of rock and a hard place that he's in between."

4. Who Will Return for the Second Half of Yellowstone Season Five?

Courtesy of Paramount Network

OK, here’s the good news: Several O.G. cast members will most likely return for the second part of Yellowstone season five, including Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton), Gil Birmingham (Chief Thomas Rainwater), Josh Lucas (Young John Dutton), Kylie Rogers (Young Beth Dutton) and Kyle Red Silverstein (Young Rip Wheeler).

And we might also see actors who were upgraded from guest star to series regular last season, like Jen Landon (Teeter), Kathryn Kelly (Emily), Mo Brings Plenty (Mo) and Wendy Moniz (Governor Lynelle Perry).

According to reports, it's very likely that Kevin Costner (John Dutton) will make an appearance for the second half, but sadly, Entertainment Tonight confirmed that Costner will not return for another season after much speculation. The rumors started at PaleyFest, where ViacomCBS president Chris McCarthy failed to provide concrete information on the star’s continued involvement.

5. Why Is Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone After Season Five?

Courtesy of Paramount Network

The rumored reason was scheduling conflicts with Costner’s upcoming Western film, Horizon. But according to People, the actor revealed that there were also creative differences.

While testifying in court during a child support hearing in Santa Barbara, he confirmed there was a “long, hard-fought negotiation” for season five. But Costner couldn't continue the show due to failed negotiations. He said, “I couldn’t help them anymore. We tried to negotiate, they offered me less money than previous seasons, there were issues with the creative.”

Costner's divorce proceedings with Christine Baumgartner also involved some legal documents filed by the star, and according to Insider, he reportedly wrote, "I will earn substantially less in 2023 than I did in 2022. This is because I am no longer under contract for Yellowstone, the principal source of my income last year."

6. Are There Any Yellowstone Season Five Theories?

Paramount Network

There are countless theories floating around the internet, but one of the most promising is that Jamie will outsmart his siblings to inherit the ranch. “Jamie has the knowledge to eventually take it ALL,” a Reddit user wrote. “He will find some way to bind up that ranch and hold it over Beth's head. Whatever he schemes up, it will be ironclad, and they won't be able to do anything about it.”

Oh, and remember when Kayce had a vision at the end of season four? Well, another fan believes that his vision will decide the future of the Dutton family. The Reddit user explained that the two paths mean that Kayce must choose between his siblings and his wife/son. The post read, “Whichever path he chooses, the other relationship will be ended.”

7. Is There a Trailer for the Second Half of Yellowstone Season Five?

Well…no. But, there is an official trailer for the first part of Yellowstone season five. Back in October, Paramount Network unveiled the first look teaser for the latest installment. And after its release, it completely shattered records online.

According to Deadline, the network reported that the season five trailer earned approximately 14.4 million views and 1.7 million interactions in just 24 hours. This number is three times the amount of views that the season four trailer earned upon its release. (Bravo, Yellowstone.)

8. How to Watch Part Two of Yellowstone Season Five

Season five of Yellowstone is airing on Paramount Network (not to be confused with the Paramount+ streaming service). No cable? No problem. You can catch the latest episodes on streaming services like Philo, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV and Sling TV. If you want to catch up on previous seasons before the final episodes premiere, you can find them on Peacock.

9. What Do We Know About the Yellowstone Sequel?

Paramount Network

The Yellowstone sequel is not to be confused with the spin-off shows, 1883, 1923 and the upcoming 1944, because they are different projects. Paramount Network hasn’t shared many details about the sequel, titled 2024, but we do know that it’ll pick up wherever Yellowstone season five ends.

Previous reports suggested that Matthew McConaughey was in talks to star in the Yellowstone sequel. However, the rumors haven’t been confirmed (at least not yet).

In a statement via Variety, Chris McCarthy (president and CEO of Showtime & MTV Entertainment Studios) said, “On the heels of 1883 and 1923’s success, our new planned spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, will take audiences on a thrilling, new and unexpected journey with the complex and compelling storytelling that has become a hallmark of the franchise and has helped turn it into a worldwide cultural phenomenon—thanks to the creative mastermind of Taylor Sheridan.”

10. Will There Be a Sixth Season?

In May 2023, Paramount confirmed that Yellowstone is not returning for a sixth season. However, the 2024 sequel should fill the void and help fans keep up with the Dutton clan after the show ends.

Chris McCarthy, President & CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, said in an announcement "Yellowstone has been the cornerstone on which we have launched an entire universe of global hits—from 1883 to Tulsa King, and I am confident our Yellowstone sequel will be another big hit, thanks to the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan and our incredible casts who bring these shows to life."

We'll keep our ears open for more details, but as of now, we do know that the sequel will premiere on Paramount Network and stream through Paramount+.

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