California Lifeguards Rescue Small Dog From the Ocean and Hope to Find Its Humans

Hopefully his owners are located soon.

On Saturday, lifeguards were called out to the Junipero Beach parking lot when people spotted a small white lapdog running around with no sign of his owners. When lifeguards got there, they tried to corner the little pup, but it was able to evade the rescue workers and ran to the ocean and started swimming out to sea.

One of the heroic lifeguards rushed into action, put on a wetsuit, grabbed his rescue board and buoy and went out to get the dog who was doggy paddling out to the swim line.  Fox11 shared the following news report of this small dog who had to be rescued after attempting to swim out to sea.

After the lifeguard brought the little pup back to the beach Animal Services arrived to help it.

Commenters are so thankful the dog is okay, and @Sgaronschwab comments, "Thank goodness the dog is safe, Thank you for saving the dog." @JoySturant ponders a theory and says, "Poor dog. I wonder if someone brought the dog on boat and then left it." @RosyRoma responds with, "Thank you for saving the dog! If you can’t find the owner I will take the dog."

Anyone with information about the dog's owner was asked to call 562-570-7387. Here's hoping this little guy is reunited with his family soon.

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