California Animal Sanctuary On Brink of Closing After Surviving Wildfires and COVID-19

These animals have been through so much.

The San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm has been closed to visitors rather often lately, due to the wet weather. This isn't unusual for rainy days, but California's wetter-than-average winter is making it difficult for the nonprofit animal sanctuary to raise enough funds. In fact, over 200 animals may need to find another home very soon.

The farm's founder, Agnes Barrelet, told ABC News that the sanctuary is "on the brink of closing." Between lost ticket sales, rising costs of care, and flooding due to wet weather--it's been a difficult time for both the animals and the people who love them.

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As you can see, these are less than desirable conditions for animals or their visitors. Fortunately, the critters are all safe from the elements, but it's becoming more and more expensive for Barrelet to feed them.

"Inflation just hammered us," she told ABC. "It's basically putting us on our knees." The farm founder explained that the cost of the animals' food went up 57% in the last year. Even straw's market value increased by 40%. Combine that with the lack of visitors, and it's easy to see why Barrelet is so worried.

Her hope is that she will not have to close the sanctuary and rehome over 200 animals, but that will not be possible right now without some outside help.

San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm is asking the public for donations in any amount through their website, also called Children's Nature Retreat. Donations will go toward the ever-rising cost of food for the animals, as well as veterinary care and other routine farm maintenance.

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