Cake of the Day: Rainbow Cake with Edible Flowers

·Assistant Food Editor

Photo: Aimee Twigger

You may remember Aimee Twigger and her baking blog Twigg Studios; we shared her peanut butter cake for dogs last November. Twigger’s own Archie and Blue devoured it, layer by layer. 

Sorry, pups, today’s cake is for humans!

For this four-tiered rainbow cake, Twigger uses no artificial dyes, instead favoring fruit purées and teas to create each shade. The green layer is made of matcha, orange is puréed carrots, yellow is lemon zest, red is strawberries, and, finally, purple is made from blueberries. After baking each layer, Twigger ices them with cream cheese frosting and decorates the exterior with fresh edible flowers.

Maybe some leftovers can go in a doggie bag.

Get this recipe: Coloured Rainbow Cake with Edible Flowers


Photo: Aimee Twigger

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