Cake of the Day: Gluten-Free Lavender Honey Cake

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A lavender honey cake that’s Paleo and gluten-free. (Photo: Liz Moody)

Despite its luscious looks, today’s cake is a relatively guilt-free: It’s naturally sweetened with honey and completely gluten-free. The purple dessert comes from Liz Moody of the healthy food blog Sprouted Routes in San Francisco, who we’ve also had the pleasure of having as a guest ‘grammer on #TastyTakeovers. Moody combines her life’s three passions: travel, food, and wellness in a site where you can find paleo-friendly recipes and travel guides for health food scenes around the world. Moody is is always creating and writing new recipes that she photographs herself, like this heavenly honey cake she baked for a friend’s birthday party.

“I wanted to use beautiful, creative flavors that felt sophisticated but also accessible to the birthday girl’s three children under age 10. But it wasn’t till later, when we took a trip to the nearby Earthbound Farms that I found my inspiration” she writes. “As we strolled through the herb garden, carefully trying not to disturb the bees as we snipped our choice plants, I found myself in a sea of fragrant, faintly sweet, calming lavender.”

To make this cake easily, Moody uses a gluten-free cake mix from Simple Mills and infuses it with dried lavender and blackberry juice for a dark purple batter. She divides it into four cake pans and while it’s baking, she makes a dairy-free frosting with raw, soaked cashews, coconut oil, and honey. The finished product is a fluffy frosting that fills each stacked layer of cake and on top she decorates a beautiful wreath of fresh lavender.

“The vast majority of people at the party could’ve cared less about eating healthy or grain free, and they gobbled the cake up in seconds (the children included!).” says Moody. 

Get the recipe: Lavender Honey Cake


Photo: Liz Moody

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