Cake of the Day: Earth Day Cake

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Photo: Beth Jackson Klosterboer

Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than with a cake shaped like our own lovely planet? The genius behind this edible globe is Beth Jackson Klosterboer, a recipe developer and party planner from Dayton, Ohio. She shares everything from spa party appetizers to Valentine’s conversation heart cheesecakes on her blog Hungry Happenings.

For this Earth Day Cake, Klosterboer uses a sports ball pan to achieve a circular shape. She digs a well in the center of each globe half and ultimately fills them with chocolate rock candy nuggets. If only the Earth’s core were really that sweet! 


Photo: Beth Jackson Klosterboer

Now for the tough part: Using a globe for reference, Klosterboer draws our continents in green frosting and sculpts the blue icing oceans with a spatula.

Geography would have been so much easier if they had a cake globe in every class, don’t you think? 

Get the recipe: Earth Cake with Rock Candy Core


Photo: Beth Jackson Klosterboer

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