Cake of the Day: Tropical Print Cake


Martinique banana leaf wallpaper print cake.  Photo: Alana Jones-Mann

This iconic wallpaper pattern has been used time and time again since it was originally seen in the Beverly Hills Hotel back in 1942. It’s been used for clothes, pillows, and today, Brooklyn stylist and designer Alana Jones-Mann shows how it can be done on cake! Jones-Mann comes from an events background so she know hows to make any occasion special with original artistic designs. On her site you’ll find DIY ideas like agate cookies, cactus cupcakes, and stone marbled cakes.

Jones-Mann uses edible paper for her unique banana-leaf cake. She first designed the tiled pattern in Photoshop and printed it with edible ink on an edible printer. (Those of you who don’t own an edible printer you can head to your nearest bakery or Walmart bakery). Now to the easy part! Jones-Mann measures and cuts out her printed pattern to fit a buttercream cake. She then presses the edible paper against the sides and voilà! No fancy frosting necessary, no sprinkles, all you need is an edible printer and endless ideas.

Get the step-by-step tutorial: Wallpaper Tropical Cake


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