Cake of the Day: Blueberry Lovers’ Cake

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Photo: Sonali Ghosh

It’s like we’ve gone to blueberry heaven! Look at this fruit-forward confection — three tiers of blueberry cake, with blueberry jam and frosting between every layer. The cake’s creator is Sonali Ghosh, the Australia-based blogger behind Sugar et al. (You might remember her lemon, coconut, and strawberry cake from an earlier Cake of the Day post.) For Ghosh, this blueberry cake brings back memories of when she moved to Sydney.

“With literally no furniture in the house, we would sit on the carpets with a cup of hot chocolate and a large slice of blueberry cake,” she writes. “ I had not baked with fresh blueberries before that and I was blown away by the color.”

To create this vibrant dessert, she makes a cake batter with blueberries and Greek yogurt. While it’s baking the ingredients for the jam are mixed together in a sauce pan with frozen blueberries, butter, and a jam-setting sugar that helps the mixture thicken in less than 15 minutes. The jam is slathered on top of each layer of cake, followed by pipings of purple buttercream. She repeats this for each layer of cake. She finishes the cake with a layer of fresh berries on top.

Get the recipe: Blueberry Lovers’ Cake


Photo: Sonali Ghosh

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