This Cabana Daybed Transforms From a Lounging Spot to Multiple Seats and a Table

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Photo credit: M&W
Photo credit: M&W

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It’s almost that time of year when we spend more time outside than we do inside. That means you’re going to need an optimal spot to lay out for hours in the sun. We don’t know about you, but M&W’s Round Outdoor Daybed has just jumped to the top of our list.

When you put all of the furniture pieces together, they create a large cabana-like daybed, complete with three pillows that match the cushions. You can get the lawn-approved furniture with a black wicker bottom and either beige or blue fabric. A retractable canopy in a clamshell design covers half of the daybed, and the steel rods that make it possible are fully wrapped to avoid weather damage.

Now let’s get to what makes the Round Outdoor Daybed as cool as it is. While you might use it to lounge on most of the time, you have to option to move the pieces to accommodate a different layout that allows you to eat comfortably. The center round piece can pop up to act as either a footstool or small table. You can take off the cushion so you have a sturdier surface for snacks or drinks. The pieces around the table can also be split to make individual seats. The point is that it’s versatile so it covers your outdoor needs.

The Round Outdoor Daybed is available on Amazon (in both colors) for $599.99. Buyers have voiced their thoughts in the reviews section, and some have noted that the pieces may come in separate boxes on separate days, but don’t let that be a call for concern. The final result indeed creates a backyard oasis.

“It went together pretty easy. Directions were clear. Only needed an ounce of common sense,” one buyer wrote. “If you have a place to put this thing in your home, I suggest you buy one,” wrote another.

If you don’t think you’ll take off the table, M&W also makes a version of the daybed that forgoes that design in favor of four large seats. The wicker is a little lighter on the furniture, but still with that vibrant blue color.

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