Bye-Bye, Binge-Watching: Netflix Is Adopting a Week-by-Week Release Schedule

When Netflix made its streaming debut back in 2010, it immediately gained recognition for its business model, since we don’t have to wait for episodes on a week-by-week basis. Well, that’s all about to change.

After nearly a decade, the streaming service is switching gears and moving away from debuting an entire season at once. Instead, Netflix is implementing an all-new strategy, where it will release chunks of episodes on a weekly basis.

According to Hypebeast, the company will begin with shows like The Great British Baking Show and Rhythm + Flow. If all goes well, Netflix will continue to stagger episodes for a select group of shows, though the streaming service hasn’t named any other series that will be used as guinea pigs.

Confused? Take the schedule for Rhythm + Flow, for example: Netflix will release the first four installments on October 9. One week later, the streaming service will debut episodes five through seven, followed by the final three segments on October 23.

The purpose is to extend the amount of hype surrounding certain Netflix Original series, similar to how network and premium cable shows—like The CW’s Riverdale, ABC’s The Bachelorette and HBO’s Westworld—are released on a per-week basis.

Prior to adopting this model, Netflix users might hold off on binge-watching an entire show—like Stranger Things 3—especially since the next season won’t premiere for another year or so. However, if it is released it chunks, viewers might feel a sense of urgency to watch the series before a new installment hits the streaming service.

So, will it pay off in the long run or backfire on Netflix? Only time will tell, though we’re not entirely convinced…

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