Buyer Beware! $200 Million Gets You A Lot More Than Just the Playboy Mansion

With 29 rooms, a tennis court, swimming pool, a wine cellar, a game house, a movie theater, and a grotto, the $200 million price tag for the Playboy Mansion may seem rather reasonable. But the Los Angeles estate comes with one fixture that most potential owners might not bargain for—89-year-old resident Hugh Hefner. Yep, the Playboy patriarch has made it so he stays in residence until he moves on. But the robe-wearing, pipe-smoking octogenarian isn’t the only thing the Mansion has housed over the years. From debaucherous, sex-fueled parties that would make even Caligula blush, to sordid affairs involving a certain famous comedian, the Mansion’s history is checkered to say the least. All we can say is: buyer beware!

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