You Can Buy A Pack Of Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces At Aldi For Super Cheap

Kristin Salaky
·2 mins read
Photo credit: adventuresinaldi - Instagram
Photo credit: adventuresinaldi - Instagram

From Delish

Even if you're not exactly making your own wings at home (why would you when SO many good take-out places exist??), it's always great to have a healthy supply of sauces on hand for back-up. Whether you're dousing a chicken sandwich, adding more flavor to mac & cheese, or reviving leftover take-out wings, they're never a bad thing to have. But if your fridge is seriously lacking in sauce, you might want to pick up this Buffalo Wild Wings set from Aldi.

Aldi is selling a set of sauces that will make your feel like you're sitting at your favorite B-Dubs table watching the game...even if you're simply at home, under a blanket, watching Bravo. The set contains three sauces that will make everyone happy: Parm Garlic, Asian Zing, and Honey BBQ. Sure, they're not the spiciest ones on the market but they sure are full of flavor. Instagrammer @adventuresataldi spotted this set at their local spot and so very generously spread the word.

"Omg !!!! I should buy this !!!!!!!" one person commented. "Omg I love aldi now," another wrote.

While all Aldi locations have a bit different of a selection, if you happen to spot this one at your local store, you can expect to pay around $8.89 for it. The set is also available to buy at Walmart for roughly the same price, and judging by those reviews, you're going to want to stock up on the wet wipes because things are about to get pretty saucy.

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