Amazon Is Shaving 20% Off the Apple AirPods Pro

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Amazon Is Shaving 20% Off the Apple AirPods ProAmazon

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The AirPod is the wireless earbud. I mean, it has to be, right? Ever since the originals came out in 2016, they have been ubiquitous. You can see a pair in use on every street corner in every town across our great country. In the world of wireless headphones, Apple's AirPods are king. (Well, King over everything that's not an $800 pair of Bowers & Wilkins headphones.) You see AirPods everywhere. And you're about to see them a lot more, because Amazon is taking 20 percent off the AirPods Pro model.

These days, you can find the OG style of AirPods on sale for $100 with relative ease. But finding the AirPods Pro for anything under their $250 retail? That's Buy Now territory. You might as well buy two pairs. Keep one for set daily use, and the other as a backup for when you drop a loose pod down a storm drain or through an elevator crack. (We've seen it happen!)

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AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)


To focus on the nitty-gritty: Look-wise, this is similar to the OG AirPods with a sleek white design. Experience wise, you get the same H1 chip for easy pairing, and Apple's iconic Siri technology. But the set does have a few noticeable upgrades. For starters, AirPods Pro have active noise cancelling. You can turn on full noise cancelling for your personal Do Not Disturb mode. Or, you can turn on transparency mode, which lets in the sounds you want to hear. (Someone speaking in your direction, the train announcer, an oncoming bus.)

The AirPods Pro also upgrades on the OGs with adaptive EQ tech that automatically tunes your content—be it a podcast or a nighttime playlist—to the shape of your ear. While the battery life on one charge is only roughly five hours, we all just keep them in the charging case, which will easily give you 24 hours of listening.

And the fit is fire, too. AirPods Pro feature three soft, customizable silicone tips, making each bud comfortable enough to wear all day long. Not to mention they're both sweat- and water-resistant, making them a great pair of workout headphones accessory for getting your grind on, or just for rainy days.

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