Butler University's Official Mascot Graduating Is the Cutest Thing All Week

Graduation season is here which of course means photos filling our timelines with students who’ve accomplished so much over the last few years. It is a time to celebrate and there's no one we want to celebrate more than Butler University's official mascot.

This adorable Bulldog, known on TikTok as @thebutlerblue, got to join in on the graduation season this year. And we're not kidding when we say this Bulldog's graduation day is the cutest thing we've seen all week. It puts all other graduation celebrations to shame. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! We can't handle all this adorableness! Clearly being the face of a university is tough work so the fact that this Bulldog did it AND still graduated is beyond impressive. We love an overachiever!

TikTokers are falling in love with this clip and we totally get why. This is the cutest graduate we've ever seen. No one can pull off the cap and gown quite like this dog. "Congratulations this is absolutely amazing," commented @babypooh1735. Amazing doesn't even begin to explain how cool this is! We need more dogs to graduate alongside us and we need it immediately! Heck, we bet some people would go to school just to have a dog with them at graduation. LOL!

Another TikToker, @vilababy2010, said, "Congratulations. You both looked amazing!!!" Right?! TikTokers are flooding the comment section asking where to buy a cap and gown for their dog. All dogs deserve a graduation of some sort because as @varo.08 said they are, "Graduates at being good boys." YES! We couldn't agree more!

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