Burger King Quietly Added the Impossible Whopper in Two More Cities

The BK website reveals that the plant-based burger is being rolled out in more markets.

Ever since Burger King announced that the chain had teamed up with Impossible Foods to create a plant-based version of its signature Whopper, fans have been wondering when the new menu item — which is being rolled out nationwide on a city-by-city basis — would come to their market. Building on the hype, BK had been making a big deal with every new launch. But apparently, the King may have gotten worried about Impossible Whopper fatigue: The meat-free burger has quietly been added to two more cities without any major fanfare.

This morning, the site Chew Boom noticed that, at some point, Burger King had updated the burger section of its official online menu to list the new Impossible Whopper up top. Burger King has said it plans to rollout out the faux-hamburger everywhere by the end of the year, so it’s not a big deal that it’s joined the national menu. Additionally, to help clarify things, if you click through to see the details of the Impossible Whopper, BK does specify which cities it’s currently available in.

But that’s where things get interesting. Burger King originally tested the Impossible Whopper in St. Louis before announcing rollouts in Miami, Florida; Columbus, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama; and San Francisco, California. But currently, the BK site reads: “Available in select markets. St Louis, MO; Columbus, GA; Montgomery, AL; San Francisco, CA; Baltimore, MD; Vegas, NV; Miami, FL.” A BK spokesperson confirmed to me that, yes, the chain has officially added the Impossible Whopper in both Vegas and Baltimore, but decided to not bombard us journalist-types with a new announcement every time a new city is added.

As a result, there’s a larger moral here: The Impossible Whopper page on Burger King’s website is a great place to learn that the burger contains 630 calories, 34 grams of fat, 1,080 milligrams of sodium, 4 grams of fiber, and 25 grams of protein. But it also apparently might be a good place to keep checking to see when the Impossible Burger is made available in your city, too. And the fact that Burger King has decided to cool it with the big announcements may also indicate that the pace of the rollout could be picking up.