Burger King employees 'concerned' after TikToker's drive-thru stunt

TikTok user Jimmy Darts rolled up to Burger King with a very clear motive. A follower had dared him to go through the same drive-thru 10 times in a row, . never acknowledging that he’d been there before. But after his actions left a few employees “concerned” Darts’ prank video took a surprising, heartwarming turn. By the sixth time, a young, blonde employee seemed genuinely worried about Darts. On Darts’ seventh visit, the same employee invites him to come inside and talk. Darts obliges and brings along his plethora of hamburgers. Realizing the worker was worried about him, Darts then shares the food with the employee. In a follow-up video, the TikToker congratulates the employee on treating him so kindly — then gives him $1,000 in cash. “There’s no way,” the worker says as he opens Darts’ gift. “I don’t even know what to say”