Burger King Debuts Unbelievable Cheese-Only Cheeseburgers in Thailand

Fast food cheeseburgers aren't exactly the healthiest option when choosing what to eat, but Burger King just made it a little harder for people in Thailand. The conglomerate just introduced its "real cheeseburger" at stores across the country consisting of 20 slices of American cheese and no beef patty or vegetables between the buns.

“This is no joke. This is for real,” the chain said in a social media post announcing the new menu item. It's available for purchase for just 109 baht (about $3.14), down from the usual 380 ($10.93) for a regular burger.

CNN spoke to curious customers at a Burger King in Bangkok to get their reaction to the viral menu item. Demand for the "real cheeseburger" was so high that a shift manager at the store reportedly said they had to stop taking delivery orders so they could have enough to serve walk-in consumers.

"I could only finish half of it," one young diner told the news outlet. "This is an insane amount of cheese added into one burger. Food is good when things are at the right combination.”

“Other burgers are already good. I think I will go back to my double cheese angus as usual," she added. "This was a bit too much."

Another customer, who was drawn to the store after seeing people post about the burger online, felt the same way and that the overloaded cheeseburger was "too intense." "I may not try it again," she admitted. "I like a few slices of cheese in my burger but not this much."

Richard Barrow, a British expat who's been living in Thailand for nearly three decades, pointed out that putting cheese on everything imaginable is a trend in the southeast Asian country. He tried the cheeseburger for himself and also couldn't finish it. "I love cheese but I struggled eating even half of this 'burger,'" he confessed. "Maybe I should grill the other half?"

Fast food menus vary depending on location around the world, and Burger King in Thailand is no stranger to meeting consumers where they are. With options like salmon katsu burgers, there are plenty of avenues for diners looking for a healthy beef alternative. In other words, there are many more balanced options to choose from—even a good old fashioned regular cheeseburger.