Burberry Is Doubling Down on NFTs in the Metaverse

LONDON — Burberry is playing a firm game when it comes to NFTs.

The British brand is partnering with Mythical Games for a second time to launch its NFT collection on Blankos Block Party, an open-world, multiplayer game, on June 22.

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Last year’s limited-edition NFT vinyl toy, Sharky B, is being succeeded by a special-edition unicorn named Minny B.

The mythical creature features a spiraled horn; black mohawk hairstyle; orange tail, and set of white wings that will allow the character to explore new spaces by flight. 

The unicorn is dressed in Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram, the house check incorporated with a tinge of orange. The NFT is described as a “kind, gentle, and cheeky character that melds art and creativity.”

The mascot is inspired by Burberry’s animal kingdom and the family crest that Thomas Burberry chose for his family.

The NFT collection includes boomboxes, TB sliders, lucky horseshoe necklaces, and a “Shellphone,” a seashell-inspired mobile phone accessory, which players can add to their virtual portfolio of online accessories.

Returning customers who own the character Sharky B will be rewarded with a free monogram bucket hat that’s being released soon.

Inside the game, Burberry has created a bespoke social space titled “The Oasis,” a cabana-style resort where customers can come together to connect and explore just as they would in real life.

The digital retreat features various beaches, branded sailboats and monogrammed sun loungers inspired by the house’s takeovers in Saint-Tropez, South Korea, Singapore and Ibiza.

In the wider world, conversations around NFTs still garner raised eyebrows. “Last year when we were trying to tell people that we’re going to take a heritage coat and stick it on a shark wearing armbands for a video game, even when I say it like that, it sounds quite far-fetched,” said Rachel Waller, vice president of channel innovation at Burberry.

The research for growing Burberry’s metaverse has started internally with Waller opening her door for feedback with “people inside the business who invariably are quite committed to these spaces.”

“People still think it’s going to be a very young male consumer who engages with this stuff, but actually we see quite a breadth of different ages and women are also picking this up a lot more because it’s clearly an overlapping passion with our customers,” added Waller.

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