Bulldog gets adorably 'overwhelmed' on first day of puppy club: 'I can fully relate'

The first day of school can be bittersweet. You’re excited to be on your own but, then, the reality sinks in. There are so many new people and new things going on that it can just be overwhelming.

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That might have been how one little British bulldog felt during his first day of puppy club. Fella is a “chonky” puppy who resides in the United Kingdom. Puppy clubs are spaces where puppies can get socialized, play and meet new friends. Fella’s owner shared the dog’s anxiety-ridden experience at the club.

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“My first day at puppy club,” the caption read. “Send help.”

Fella bashfully entered the puppy club with his owner. But once he got sight of all the dogs and the hustle and bustle, he quickly stepped aside. The bulldog was left sitting in the corner all alone.

“That’s how it is sweetie but I’m sure you will be playing in a couple of minutes,” a user reassured Fella.

“This was me at playgroup, I can fully relate, Fella,” another wrote.

“It has to be a bit overwhelming for these poor babies. Same as our kids when they go to nursery,” someone added.

Luckily a few weeks later, Fella warmed up to the crowd. He looked happy and social in a follow-up video.

“I made some friends and even started to play a little. My mom was so proud,” the caption said.

Well, it looks like puppy club really does work. Even for shy pups like Fella.

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