Bulldog Cuddles With Lookalike Stuffed Toy in Video We Can't Resist

This is so cute we can't even.

Everyone has certain conditions that help them sleep better. Some like to sleep in a cool room and others like to sleep with white noise. One dog likes to have a certain item with him when he sleeps, which his owner shows us in this irresistible video.

TikTok user @frankithebully recently shared a video of their English Bulldog, Franki, taking a nap. In the video, Franki is cuddling with a stuffed toy that looks exactly like him as he is deep in slumber! Check out this precious video that you don't want to miss below!

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Awww, we are obsessed with this cute moment. Franki looks adorable cuddling with his stuffed twin—double the cuteness! He is sleeping soundly, but his mom threatens that if the video doesn't get one million likes, she'll wake him up. Oh no!

People in the comments are begging her not to disturb Franki's sleep. @adorkable4040 said, "No! Leave him be," and @americaacosta316 commented, "Noooo, don’t wake him! Adorable! OMG." We don't want this sweet pup woken up before he's ready!

Others noticed some wear and tear on this stuffed toy of Franki's. @latrece_78 commented, "The stuff dog looks like it’s saying help LOL," and @taurenwhite said, "I’m not even going to ask what the stuffy just went through." The stuffed toy isn't beat up, just well loved!

We are so glad Franki is getting his well deserved rest, though we're sure we would get a deep sleep if we were cuddling with a great stuffed animal as we snoozed, too! We might need to pick one up for ourselves.

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