BTS's Suga Gifted So Much Luxury Valentino Swag to His Fans

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BTS's Suga Gifted Luxury Valentino Swag to His FanKevork Djansezian - Getty Images

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  • BTS's Suga recently wrapped up the U.S. leg of his solo tour and decided to celebrate.

  • The BTS star held a small gathering for 350 very fortunate fans and gave them gifts.

  • Goodies included merch related to his new album and items from Valentino.

When we cover news stories that deal with music stars and gifts, it's typically a case of fans giving gifts to their favorite singers and performers. But K-pop star Suga, of BTS fame, has flipped the narrative, giving some lucky fans some very sweet swag.

While our coverage of pop stars in the past tends to be a bit playfully snarky, in this case, there will be none of that—mostly because K-pop fans can be real intense, and we don't want any smoke with the BTS Army. So we'll pitch this one straight down the middle, much like Hyun-jin Ryu did when Suga went to see him play for the L.A. Dodgers in 2019.

Suga had just wrapped up the U.S. portion of his first solo tour away from BTS when, according to International Business Times, he took time on May 19 to meet up with "350 lucky fans" during an event in Seoul called "D-Day: Movie Night"—a very different thing than what most of us consider "D-Day Movie Night," which is when Dad is flipping channels, comes across the first scene of Saving Private Ryan on TBS, and then falls asleep.

In this case, "D-Day" refers to Suga's first solo studio album, also called D-Day, the run-up to which was chronicled in the Disney+ documentary SUGA: Road to D-Day.

"Suga had lots of surprises up his sleeve, including a special gift package distributed to all attendees. Some fans even took to social media to share the inclusions of the gift packs, such as a 'D-Day'-themed invitation and pins, a special message referencing a line from BTS' 'Dope,' and a photocard," according to the IBT.

Naturally, the gift package also included plenty of items from Valentino, whom the "People Pt. 2" pop star had partnered with back in January as a global ambassador. Lucky gift bag recipients got a branded tote bag and the fashion house's trademark "Born in Roma" fragrance.

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