BTS’ Suga & IU’s New Song ‘Eight’ Is All About Growing Older & It’s Giving Us Chills

Jenzia Burgos

Sometimes three minutes is all it takes to slow down. ARMYs and fans of Lee Ji-eun, a.k.a. IU, got a reminder of that on May 6, when the singer-songwriter partnered with BTS’ Suga on her new single. IU and BTS’ Suga’s “Eight” lyrics in English are all about life moving too fast—from childhood slipping away, to the daily duties of adulthood holding us down. But the song itself is a lesson in how to relax and reflect.

Both Suga and IU were inspired by the fact that they’re both 28 years old and took the song as an opportunity to channel their experiences as fully-fledged adults—whether that’s regret or relief. In a press...

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