BTS Member V Is Contributing to Netflix's "Itaewon Class" Soundtrack

If after the release of BTS's Map of the Soul: 7 and the unexpected drop of the second “Black Swan” music video earlier this week you thought the members of BTS were out of surprises, you’d be wrong.

BTS as a group is super busy promoting their new album, but V (Kim Taehyung) might have some exciting solo plans on the horizon — especially if you’re a fan of Netflix’s Itaewon Class.

On March 6, Newsen reported that the drama was “coordinating” Tae’s potential involvement in the drama’s OST, revealing he was in talks to create an original song for the series. The soundtrack for Itaewon Class currently features nine parts, or mini albums, each relating to an episode of the series, recorded by different artists.

In case you are not yet familiar, Itaewon Class is a new drama that premiered back in January and is currently still airing. The show is a joint venture between JTBC in Korea and Netflix internationally and centers around Park Sae-roy, an ex-convict with a really big, ehm, culinary dream. (And we’ll leave it at that to avoid spoilers!)

Park Sae-roy is played by Park Seo-joon, who happens to be one of Tae’s BFFs in real life. The pair met a few years back while filming the period drama Hwarang and have remained close ever since. V supported Seo-joon in July by attending the premiere of his film The Divine Fury, and their friendship is well documented on social media.

This wouldn’t be the first OST to come from Bangtan for a K-drama. In fact, and as Soompi notes, V and Jin were part of the OST for Hwarang precisely with the song “죽어도 너야” (“It’s Definitely You”), which was released back in 2016.

Ever since the premiere of Itaewon Class, Tae has pretty much been the drama's biggest supporter, often hyping it up and urging ARMYs to watch on Weverse. He even teased his involvement in the soundtrack a couple of times, saying he wanted to "sing an OST for it" and also teasing, "wouldn’t it be happy if the song I make reaches the drama I like?"

Even if we don’t get another Park Seo-joon x Kim Taehyung interaction on screen, having them be part of the same project again certainly is exciting. That, and you know, the fact that we’d surely be getting another breathtaking solo song from V!

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