BTS is Getting a TV Show, "Youth", But They Won't Be Playing Themselves

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Photo credit: BBMA2020 - Getty Images
Photo credit: BBMA2020 - Getty Images

From Seventeen

Get ready for the next big chapter in the BTS Universe. Members of the BTS ARMY have been long awaiting news about the band's new series, Youth, that gives fans a brand new way to experience the BTS Universe. The show will bring the members of BTS in a fictional world and show us what happens when they meet for the first time. For fans who don't know much about the BTS Universe, this doesn't mean we'll actually see their real life journey as a band, but see an alternate version of the guys in a new story that you're definitely going to be obsessed with. So who is playing our favorite bandmates in this new series? And what are their origin stories?

Here are the cast and characters of BTS Universe's Youth.

Seo Ji-hoon as Kim Seok-jin (Jin)

"The character gives off an aura of perfection yet struggles to express his emotions. He feels trapped in the life plans set by his father, who is in the National Assembly. Although he has been the ideal son, this all changes when he transfers schools and meets the other characters. Through them, Kim Seok Jin finally faces his true feelings and learns to accept them," Soompi reports.

Seo recently appeared in Men are Men, Meow, The Secret Boy, and Tale of Fairy.

Noh Jong-hyun as Min Yoon-gi (Suga)

"[He is] a boy surrounded by wild rumors. Although he can be cold on the outside, he has a heart of gold on the inside. But wherever he goes, so does the story that he murdered his mom and set fire to his home. In reality, he finds comfort in the piano after losing his mom, who meant the world to him. Then through his friendship with Jung Kook, who accepts him as he is, Min Yoon Gi finally acknowledges his troubled past and learns to move on from the pain."

Noh appeared in Hell is Other People, Kkondae Intern, and will soon star in the upcoming series, Live On.

Ahn Ji-ho as Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope)

"[He is] a dance prodigy with an optimistic attitude on life. Jung Ho-seok was abandoned at an amusement park when he was young, but he has grown up to be someone who emanates positive energy."

This is Ahn's second television series after Nobody Knows and he also appeared in films like A Boy and Sungreen and The Princess and the Matchmaker.

Seo Young-joo as Kim Nam-joon (RM)

"[He is] a character that wishes to have a normal life above all else. Due to his dire circumstances, he got a sense of how tough the real world can be sooner than his peers. However, that has helped him become a responsible person who handles multiple part-time jobs while being the best student at the same time."

Seo is best known for his lead role in film Juvenile Offender and recently starred in the series Nobody Knows.

Kim Yoon-woo as Park Ji-min (Jimin)

"Jimin is a boy who hides a secret behind his bright smile. He struggles to have a sense of identity due to overprotective family members and a traumatic upbringing decorated with lies."

This is Kim's first big role and he the biggest newcomer of the series.

Jung Woo-jin will be playing Kim Tae-hyung (V)

"[He's] a character with a story full of pain. He lives with a hope that his alcoholic father, who changed after his wife left him, will someday return to the loving father he used to be."

Jung appeared in Sometoon 2020 and the film Marionette.

Jeon Jin-seo as Jeon Jung-kook (Jungkook)

"Having grown up in an unstable home, Jungkook is a character who has never experienced happiness. He continues to question the purpose of life and the reason behind his own existence."

Jeon appeared in The World of the Married and Illang: The Wolf Brigad.

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