BTS: Drone Filmers and Snowboarders Working Together To Get The Shot

Snowboard film making: where wetness, snow, and misery come together in perfect harmony. It's a delicate dance between the filmer and the elements, like trying to film an action movie during a monsoon. But hey, somebody's gotta capture those sick tricks, right?

The filmer, armed with their trusty camera and a heart full of determination, braves the elements like a snow-covered hero. They trudge through the snow, slipping and sliding, all in the name of capturing that perfect shot. You gotta admire their commitment, or question their sanity.

Meanwhile, the rider effortlessly glides down the slopes, flipping and spinning, having the time of their life. They're living the dream, while the poor filmer freezes their fingers off, trying not to drop the camera in a puddle of slush.

In this video, we witness a rare glimpse into the dynamic between a drone filmer and a rider. They strategize, they plot, and they meticulously plan their moves. It's like a high-stakes chess game, except instead of kings and queens, it's snowboards and gravity.

And let's not forget, folks, that the filmer is the unsung hero behind every epic snowboarding video. They endure frostbite and near-death experiences, all for the sake of capturing those jaw-dropping moments. So, next time you watch a snowboard film, take a moment to appreciate the hard work of the filmer, and maybe send them a thank-you card or a hot cup of cocoa. They've earned it!

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