Bryce Hall Gave Addison Rae The Most Beautiful Birthday Gift After Saying He Wants Her Back

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As we know, in the world of TikTok relationships, often times even when things are over, they aren't really over over. For example, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall broke up a few weeks ago, but there still seems to be something there and by that, mainly I mean Bryce isn't over Addison.

Yesterday was Addison's 20th birthday and the TikTok star shared many of the gifts she received on her Instagram story. One of those gifts was a box of gorgeous lilac roses. The card that went with the flowers read, "20 isn't really a cool year, but I hope you enjoy this as the alternative. Happy Birthday Bad Bleep."

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Fans immediately assumed the roses were from her ex. Not only is the message classic Bryce, but he often calls Addison "Bad Bleep." The nickname is a reference to a video Addison made earlier this summer, explaining the lyrics to The Kid Laroi's song, "Addison Rae." While the lyrics say, "I need a bad b*tch," Addison literally "bleeped" out the swear and it quickly became a meme. Addison is even selling merch that reads "I need a bad bleep."

Anyway, Bryce loves to reference the meme and he even did it on his birthday post for Addison.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Need even more evidence that the flowers were from Bryce? A Braddison fan page shared Addison's story along with the caption, "this u @brycehall?🤔" and Addison liked it. As we know, in the world of Instagram, that means a lot.

The flower delivery comes after Bryce revealed that he still sees a future with Addison. The Sway Boys recently sat down to take a lie detector test and Bryce was asked if he wants Addison back. While he joked about it at first, he ultimately said yes and, surprise surprise, according to the lie detector, that was true.

Then, Josh Richards asked him if he's going to marry Addison. Once again, he said yes and it was true.

OK then Bryce! We see you. And you know what, flowers are a good start when trying to win someone back. Braddison fans, I would keep an eye on these two. Something tells me things are about to get interesting.


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