Bryce Hall Calls Out Billie Eilish for Being "Disgusted" by TikTokers at the People's Choice Awards

billie eilish, bryce hall
Bryce Hall Just Called Out Billie Eilish on TikTokTwitter/TikTok
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Billie Eilish showed up to the People's Choice Awards on Sunday night (February 19), and was apparently, erm, surprised by the fact that so many TikTokers were invited. By which I mean, she sat down with living legend Kylie Minogue and said—behind her hand, but whoops, the audio picked everything up—"There’s some like…TikTokers here.”

If you saw this moment go down in real-time and have been patiently waiting for one of said TikTokers to say something, Bryce Hall has dramatically entered the chat.

"I'm just going to address this clip of Billie Eilish being disgusted that TikTokers were at the People's Choice," Bryce said on—where else?—TikTok. "I was one of them. First off, Billie Eilish, I am so sorry that I didn't acknowledge your greatness and bow down to you being another human being—I, here [*bows down*] there it is. And second, People's Choice invited us. Personally. Everyone that attended People's Choice and were sitting at those tables, we were invited by People's Choice. So, hate on them."

Bryce then said, "But the most sad thing...lemme just wipe my tear real quick. The most sad thing is I was a Billie Eilish stan. I stanned you, Billie Eilish. And now I don't think I can renegade to any of your songs anymore. So thanks for taking out all my content."

Whelp. Kinda seems like this video is satire? But honestly, who can tell?! So until we get concrete answers, guess Billie and Bryce are tentatively feuding.

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