Bryce Dallas Howard Just Posted Graphic Photos Of Her Bruises From 'Jurassic World'

Korin Miller
Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

From Women's Health

  • Bryce Dallas Howard posted graphic photos of her bruised arms to Twitter.

  • She said she got the bruises from doing stunts on the new Jurassic World: Dominion movie.

  • Despite the injuries, Bryce said she's happy to be doing stunts again.

ICYMI, Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dearing, the park operations manager of Jurassic World, in the Jurassic World movies. In those movies, Bryce does a ton of running around, screaming, and everything else you can imagine you’d do if you were being chased by a pack of hungry dinos.

Well, Jurassic World: Dominion is currently filming, and Bryce shared on Twitter that all of those stunts come at a cost. “Raise your hands if you’re happy to be doing stunts again!!” she wrote on Twitter next to some seriously intense-looking shots of her bruise-covered body.

Apparently fake dinosaurs can leave a mark, because Bryce has huge bruises on the backs of both arms, as well as a massive one on her thigh.

The big bruise reveal all started after Bryce shared a pic on Twitter and Instagram of herself cracking up on set next to her co-star Chris Pratt. “These past couple of weeks my abs have been sore from laughing so much—it’s good to be back at work with this funny guy,” she wrote in the caption.

Chris then chimed in with, “Show them the pictures of the bruises!!! (She got some crazy sick bruises from doing stunt work) Show them!!!” And, voila! Evidence!

After Bryce shared her pics, people then started sharing photos of their own bruises, because apparently misery loves company. “Ouch! I got this when I fell out of bed lol not as cool as stunts, but still hurt,” one wrote. “My stunt double sadly was unavailable when I attempted to climb out of my bffs pool on a Sat. night good for you, doing your own stunts too lol,” another said. And there were a TON more.

No word on how, exactly, Bryce got those serious souvenirs but at least she can laugh about it.

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