Brutal: A Cool, Quirky New Magazine About Food

By Kerry Diamond


Gif: Samantha Bolton

Among the growing crop of indie publications is a sleek and slightly strange standout called Brutal. Is it about food, fashion, or art? Editorial director Gheanna Emelia said it’s all of those things — and more.

“We’re a playfully smart art magazine with a fresh and raw take on how to document the increasingly intersecting worlds of food and fashion — and whatever else lays beyond,” she said.

The small staff of three, plus the Brutal writers and photographers, fully embrace how quirky the magazine is. “At Brutal, there’s no dichotomy between the beautiful and the weird,” Emelia said. “We strive to produce stories that embody that juxtaposition through stirring visuals, smart writing, and a sense of humor.”


Photo: Courtesy of Brutal Magazine

The second issue of Brutal just hit newsstands. Inside, readers will find interviews with Ivan Ramen’s Ivan Orkin and Del Posto’s Mark Ladner (who shares three simple pasta sauces). Jade Lai, the founder and designer behind fashion line Creatures of Comfort, talks about natural wine. Los Angeles-based artist Zoe Crosher shares her art and food collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee’s Caitlin Freeman, which includes a recipe for stout cake with tequila ganache and tobacco-smoked sea salt. This issue also includes Brutal’s first fashion editorial.


Gif: Courtesy of Brutal Magazine

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