Bruh, Zara’s Best Sellers Are So On-Trend This Spring

Bella Gerard
·1 min read

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t leaning into spring and summer 2021’s trends hard, but how could I not? There’s just so much to love! Pastel Co-ords? Linen pants? Sweater vests? Everything feels so fresh and cool—and lucky for me, Zara’s best sellers make trend-setting (and shopping) easy.

Sometimes, I tend to shy away from items toted as “best-selling.” Why would I want to risk walking into a party at which five other girls are in the same Zara miniskirt? Yes, it’s happened to me and yes, it was hella awkward, although we did make light of it on Instagram to mask our shared embarrassment. Still, I tend to seek out styles no one else is wearing yet for a more unique look, which...

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