Brittany Snow On “Pitch Perfect” Romance Rumors, Drunk Caroling & Making Kit Harington Her BFF

Brittany Snow and her Pitch Perfect 2 costar Anna Kendrick can be seen getting extra-friendly in clips from the new film, but Snow is keeping mum about a possible hookup, as some websites are speculating. In this episode of “I Yahoo’d Myself,” our own Nick Axelrod tries his best to get some aca-dirt—any dirt—about the much-anticipated sequel from our favorite Barden Bella, Brittany.

True or not, those Kendrick-Snow romance rumors sparked an entire genre of steamy Internet fanfiction about “BeChloe” (Kendrick’s character Beca + Snow’s Chloe)—which, in case you’re wondering, Snow has never read (”That would be really weird if I did!”)

What else did we discover about Brittany Snow during our web search? As a pre-teen, she starred on the popular soap opera Guiding Light, and wore some incredible ’90s hair accessories on the show. Also, her dad’s name is John Snow—the same as Kit Harington’s character on Game of Thrones. This means Brittany and Kit should be best friends, right? It turns out Brittany tried to make the connection with the GoT star at Comic-Con…but are the actors inseparable now? Watch the video above to find out!

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