British Shorthair Cat Has the Most Fitting Reaction to the Netflix Intro

Somebody has been binge watching a bit too much.

A lot of us spend a lot of time with our pets. A lot of us would rather spend time with our pets than actual humans. So it makes sense that if we are spending the majority of time with our pets they would start becoming familiar with, or reacting to, the sounds of things that we are spending a lot of time with while they are present.

So check out the beautiful British Shorthair cat that belongs to TikTok user @BritishShortiez and see if you can guess what their cat has been exposed to a lot.

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Seems like we have a Bridgerton or You fan in the house! We cannot get over this, it's too hilarious. We aren't the only ones, because @Leaf comments, "My kinda Netflix and Chill." @Hailee adds, "I NEED more of this. This is just. Pure joy." @Finalnimbus comments, "Cat probably knows that sound means cozy cuddle time."

A lot of viewers are demanding Netflix make this cat meowing sound optional and  @Dkmal07 replies, "If Netflix knew what was good for them they'd incorporate this kitty's meows to their intro." @Trishacoonce says, "I don’t want the Netflix noise anymore. Only this cat." @sarah adds, "if Netflix make this their opening sound I won't delete my account."

Welp, that's one way to make your customers happy! We'd take the kitty meowing intro anyday!

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