British Restaurant Launches Samosa into Space, Sends it to France Instead

The Chai Walla restaurant in Bath, England has over 670 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor.But the city's top Indian spot wants to say their samosas are out of this world.Thanks to a weather balloon, a GPS tracker, and a GoPro camera, Chai Walla can use those actual words.Owner Niraj Gadher came up with the ambitious idea to send one of his samosas into space.Gadher put together a package containing food from the restaurant, headed to an open field, and prepared for launch.The food parcel made it high enough that the attached GoPro filmed an airplane.Gadher lost contact with it, but the data later confirmed that the samosa made it over the English Channel to France.He was able to recover the GPS and the camera—but some local animal beat him to the samosa