Britain’s Ugliest Dog Treated to Luxurious Spa Day

Britain's Ugliest Dog Treated to Luxurious Spa Day
Britain's Ugliest Dog Treated to Luxurious Spa Day
ugliest dog
ugliest dog

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Even ugly dogs need pampering from time to time. And Britain’s ugliest dog, a Chinese Crested/Pug mix named Peggy, recently got her self-care on with a luxurious spa day.

Britain’s Ugliest Dog Enjoys Spa Day

Peggy was recently named the UK’s ugliest dog in online canvas printing specialist ParrotPrint’s competition. The 5-year-old pup beat out a ton of other canines in “a flood” of entries to the contest. As a reward for being so un-easy on the eyes, the canine received a spa pass and a canvas print portrait.

The fur baby cashed in on the former last week, enjoying a hydrobath, a blueberry facial, a nail trim, and a nose balm treatment, according to People.


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Basking in Her 15 Minutes of Fame

Peggy has been lapping up the attention inherent in receiving such a big, public honor.

“Being part of the ugliest dog competition has been brilliant from start to finish. Peggy has loved every second and has been absolutely lapping up all of the fuss and attention,” Holly Middleton, Peggy’s dog mom, told ParrotPrint.

“The makeover was fabulous, and Peggy was treated like an absolute queen. What little hair she has is extremely soft and fluffy, and she smells divine, which is rare. She’s been absolutely spoiled rotten, but she 100% deserves it,” Middleton added.

Peggy was the runt of her litter. It took six months for her to find a parent willing to adopt her and bring her home to East Yorkshire, England. But the wait appears to have been worth it. Peggy is adored and beloved, despite (or because of?) her unusual looks.

“We didn’t set out to get a quirky dog, an underdog. I hope it encourages people to overlook the little oddities of those dogs left on the shelf,” Middleton said.

“Peggy is a completely healthy and happy dog, her tongue doesn’t cause her any issues, she can eat — and she really does love to eat — and drink with no problems, and other than having to wear jumpers for warmth in colder weather and sun cream in the summer, she’s exactly the same as any other dog,” Middleton insisted.

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