'This brings back so much pain': Viewers call in to C-SPAN during Kavanaugh hearings to share their own stories of sexual assault

Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. (Photo: Getty Images)
Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. (Photo: Getty Images)

Throughout Christine Blasey Ford‘s testimony that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school, her supporters jammed the phone lines at C-SPAN, sharing their own traumas.

The callers, according to the New Yorker, included Republicans, Democrats, and independents. Among them was a Pittsburgh woman named Hilary who said that in college, her drink was spiked — a common crime linked to sexual assault — and that she had to fend off her abuser.

One 76-year-old caller named Brenda, of Valley Park, Mo., says she was sexually molested during the second grade. “This brings back so much pain,” she told C-SPAN host Steve Scully. “Thought I was over it but it’s not. You will never forget it. You get confused & you don’t understand it but you never forget what happened to you.”

Brenda also shared that after the trauma she struggled with her weight because, “I was so afraid that someone was going to hurt me.” She said she hadn’t discussed the trauma for years until Ford’s testimony Thursday.

According to the Washington Post, a female caller told Scully she was sexually abused by three different men in her teenage years; another said that she was 12 years old when her friend’s brother molested her at a sleepover; and another woman named Jessica, 26, tearfully shared the story of her sexual assault in college.

The Post reported that another woman disclosed, “This same kind of sexual assault happened to me twice in high school in the 1970s — very similar scenario. I lived it.”

Both men and women tweeted their personal stories to C-SPAN and thanked Scully for his sensitivity.

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