'Bridezilla' secretly fattens up her bridesmaids before her wedding to be 'center of attention'

Weddings are a beautiful event celebrating two people’s love and the joy two families can feel when they become one. However, sometimes weddings bring out the worst in people. Evidence to support this includes, but is not limited to, one bridezilla’s list of demands going viral (only ponytails allowed, no heavy makeup, don’t speak to the bride), another bride who went on a tirade after her friends refused to pay $3,000 to go to her destination wedding, and the bride who expected all her bridesmaids to be brunette on her big day.

These are all acts of a crazy person, but this one may take the wedding cake.

A woman admitted on Whimn that she “secretly fattened up” her two sisters, who were her bridesmaids, before her wedding.

Penny, who says she had always felt the like “Jan Brady” next to her “gorgeous” older sister, Maggie, who everyone loves, and her little sister, Charlie, who is “fun and flirty,” started to obsess over her wedding pictures, which she would have on display in her home “forever.”

Her want of not being the “plain sister” translated into a dubious plan.

We’re all fair-skinned and blond, and I demanded that the bridesmaid dresses wore a neon yellow that made them look washed out and slightly ill. I told them I was going for a fun, party look, but I was thrilled that [color] made them both look pallid,” Penny wrote.

Which is, fine, right? Not great, but fine — plenty of bridesmaids have to wear dresses that don’t flatter themselves.

A bride admits to fattening up her two sisters so she can be the center of attention at her wedding. (Photo: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)
A bride admits to fattening up her two sisters so she can be the center of attention at her wedding. (Photo: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)

But this is where the bride crossed the city line into Crazy Town, population: Penny.

“[By] far the worst thing I did was to fatten up my sisters in the months leading up to the wedding,” she wrote. The three sisters and Penny’s fiancé live together, so “every morning I was a picture of sunshine and morning glow as I insisted on making breakfast smoothies for everyone. I told them I wanted us all to look our best on the big day, so I was making them this special slimming smoothie.”

Penny admits to buying weight-loss shakes and emptying the contents of the container, filling it with a “mega-weight gain protein powder” that she found in a bodybuilding shop. Meanwhile, she drank smoothies made of only fruit, coconut water, and her lies.

“By the time my wedding rolled around, each of my sisters had to have their dress altered to accommodate their thickening waistlines,” she wrote. “I never thought for a moment on my wedding day that I wasn’t the [center] of attention or the most important person in the room.”

When the bride looks at her wedding photos, she admits to a twinge of guilt, “but mostly [she feels] happy.”

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