Bridesmaid stunned by 'bachelorette vacation' expenses: 'I'm not going to be paying for this'

A bridesmaid asked TikTok for advice when the bride’s financial requests made her uncomfortable.

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It was Erin’s first time being a bridesmaid in any wedding besides her sister’s, so she wasn’t sure what was proper etiquette in the situation. When she and the bridal party were booking the bride’s destination bachelorette party, Erin felt ambushed by some of the expenses.

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“How do you feel about the bridesmaids paying for the bride’s portion of the bachelorette party?” she asked.

This is the approach that her friends took when they paid for the bride’s plane ticket and Airbnb. But the matter wasn’t really discussed until after the Airbnb was booked, which Erin felt was “weird.”

The bridal party had already paid $300 apiece for the shower and bought the bride’s $400 plane ticket. Erin was responsible for booking the Airbnb on her credit card. At first, it broke down to $240 apiece, but the price went up when a bridesmaid dropped out.

After the bride sent her portion of the Airbnb money to Erin over Venmo, Erin got a message from the maid of honor. The maid of honor demanded Erin refund the bride and that the bridesmaids pay the bride’s share.

“It’s just weird to me. Obviously, I already agreed to go on the bachelorette party, so it would be weird for me to back out after I already booked the Airbnb,” Erin said.

“When you’re in a group message with nine other girls, you’re not going to speak up and say, ‘I’m not going to be paying for this,’ or … ‘It’s out of my budget.’ … Everyone makes a different amount of money, and also everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to spending money on a trip like this.”

Erin wasn’t sure how to approach the issue, and TikTokers shared their advice.

“I just find it odd that when someone decides to get married, all of a sudden, all of the people close to them are responsible for all of these expenses,” a user commented.

“As the bride, I paid a larger amount of the Airbnb to keep costs reasonable. I wanted a really nice place and didn’t think it should be at their expense,” another wrote.

“Lost me at the flight. I’m not flying anyone out,” a person responded.

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